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Excellent Attorney

"Colby Rieke is a very skilled and knowledgable attorney.  We had a goal at the beginning of this road and that was to obtain sole legal custody of my son.  Being a single father, I felt that the deck was stacked against me in court but he was able to accomplish that exact goal and thereby ensuring the safety and security of the most precious thing in my life. Without a doubt, I would go back to Colby for any future family law matters and recommend him to any friends or family in need of such services."

- Jeff

An Attorney with Integrity & Tenacity

"Colby Rieke took over my case when my previous lawyer was no longer proactive. His law knowledge, obvious intelligence & creative problem-solving all proved essential to resolving my case. He shows integrity & compassion when dealing with difficult and painful circumstances. Colby's tenacity for resolution moved my case forward and a to an acceptable completion, which I know would not have been accomplished without him. I recommend him to others with confidence."

- Lynn

Thorough and Careful Attorney

"I've used Colby's legal services for a number of reasons for nearly a decade. I retained him for my divorce, and was able to obtain everything I asked, even when my ex attempted to take half the retirement I worked for.  Recently, I hired Colby to put together a will for me and he spent a lot of time with me explaining options and carefully making sure the details of my wishes are in place.  Through the years, I've also been able to call him up and ask for feedback on various things along the way (a will issue when my father died, questions about a bad tenant, etc.) and he has always pointed me in the right direction even if I didn't need to hire him for anything. 

I recommend Colby for anything you encounter and would like to add how professional he is and easy to work with. Even if you find a "cheaper" attorney, it is not worth the cost of a possibly less thorough attorney. Colby will advise you properly and fight when it makes sense to."

- Melanie

Fantastic Attorney

"Mr. Rieke was able to follow through on everything he promised he would in regards to my custody case. He has a great report with the judges and the courthouse and everything was quick and smooth. He was very passionate about the circumstances surrounding my desire/need to obtain custody of my daughter from her mother and he exhibited that every step of the way. The process took less than 3 months, mostly due to his knowledge and skills in maneuvering the legal system. I would recommend him to anyone needing a family lawyer."

- Dale

Excellent Divorce Attorney

"I hired Colby Rieke as my divorce attorney. He is very organized and easy to work with. In the courtroom Colby was professional and to the point. I knew my fees upfront and there were no surprises. I recommend Colby Rieke to get the job done!"

- Jeanne

"Colby was very patient in explaining the whole process, and what to expect. He was quick to return calls or emails, and always available to answer questions. He was flexible with my payments as well. I felt like he had my best interests in mind, and was an advocate for me and what was best for my children."

- Anonymous